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Raising a pet can be difficult. Most days it is as easy as eat, sleep, play, repeat – but there is more to think about when it comes to your companion animal. Your pet will depend on you for everything from nourishment and exercise, to medical attention and safety. Be sure you are completely prepared for anything that arises by using the helpful resources below.

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Check out our list of frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us.
There is a stray animal on my property. Can you come catch it?
We do not come to your property to catch animals, but you can contact Animal Control (city of Eau Claire) and they are able to pick them up!
There is a [wildlife animal] on my property. Can I bring it to you?
We only take in animals that are considered domesticated. Our friends at Chippewa Valley Wildlife take care of our wild friends!

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