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Eau Claire County Humane Association's Foster Program

The Eau Claire County Humane Association’s (ECCHA) fostering program provides temporary homes for animals in need, such as those that are too young for adoption, are recovering from illness or injury, and animals that require additional socialization. The program is designed to give these animals a safe and comfortable environment outside of the shelter while they wait to be adopted.

The fostering program at ECCHA provides all the necessary supplies and medical care for the foster animals, including food, litter and medication. Foster families also receive guidance and support from the shelter’s staff throughout the entire process.

To become a foster parent, interested individuals must fill out an application and chat with our Foster Coordinator, Jessica, on what kind of animal(s) best suit your lifestyle. The program is flexible and can accommodate individuals with different schedules and living situations. Overall, the fostering program is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals in need while providing a fulfilling experience for foster families.

Dog Slumber Pawty - Hermoine and Rascal

Dog Slumber Paw-ty

This form of fostering is aimed at giving shelter dogs a break, as well as a nice comfy couch to lie on and a pillow to drool on. Having someone to cuddle with can make a world of difference for a depressed dog who may feel like they don’t have a friend. Depending on the dog, these are short-term and usually consist of just a night here and there. This is perfect for someone who has no other dogs (if you have a dog that is great with other dogs, we can arrange a meeting to see how they get along) and can’t commit to fostering full-time or owning a dog of their own. Studies show that even one night out of the shelter benefits dogs. Another great perk of this program is that we can gain valuable insight in helping find the dog a perfect home. At the shelter, a dog may bark nonstop, but once in foster care never bark at all and vice-versa. This program would be great for you if you are only available one to two nights a week.

Foster a Pet

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Jessica Stewart

Phone: (715) 839-4747, ext. 26.

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