Adopt a Barn Cat

Hoping to adopt a healthy, sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped barn cat? We can help. A barn cat can provide several benefits to a farm or rural property, including helping to control rodent populations. These cats are considered low-maintenance pets, requiring minimal attention and care; however, these special kitties do need access to a reliable shelter, daily food and water and must be with a buddy (or two)*.

Cat temperaments range from feral to friendly. These are working cats who are accustomed to outdoor life. They prefer minimal to no human contact, and will happily tend to any mouse, mole, chipmunk or vermin problems for the small cost of a bowl of cat food and fresh water. They will also need the commitment to provide them with as needed veterinary care as well as shelter in a garage or barn.

*ECCHA requires all barn cats to be adopted in pairs or requires another cat on the property they can bond with.

Fill out the application below to apply for a barn cat.

Benefits of Adopting a Barn Cat

  • Expert mousers
  • Require only a warm outdoor space (like a barn or pole shed) and daily food/water.
  • Microchipped, vaccinated and altered
  • Affordable adoption fees of only $15 for one cat, or $25 for two

ECCHA Barn Cat Application

Thank you for your interest in our barn cat program. ECCHA is proud to have adopters to take our feral or semi-feral cats. Please fill out the application below to be considered as an adopter.

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Do you have a preference on sex? All barn cats are spayed or neutered before becoming adoptable.
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Barn cats make great mousers, but they still need daily food and water. Will you provide both for them?(Required)
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Check out our list of frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to us.
How many Barn Cats can I adopt at once?
While there isn’t really a limit, we do have a minimum. Unsocialized cats do not take to companionship from humans so it is essential that they have a cat friend to bond with. Cats relocated in pairs are also more likely to stay after release, and they keep each other warm during inclement weather.
What do I do when I bring a Barn Cat home?
When you bring the new cats home, they will need to be confined to an escape-proof room or enclosure like a tack room, garage, coop, or XXL dog crate for at least 2 weeks while they acclimate to their new surroundings. A 4 week confinement period usually yields better results. You will feed/water and clean the litter pan daily during the confinement period. After this period of confinement, the cats will usually accept their new home and may be released.
Do you have friendly Barn Cats?
The cats in the Barn Cat program are generally not social or friendly and would make unsuitable “pets”. They have no desire to be “lap cats” and cannot be touched, or may take a very long time (if ever) to trust enough to allow a person to pet them.
Do you have Barn Kittens?
The youngest cats in the Barn Cat program are approximately six months. ECCHA will not adopt out younger kittens as barn cats, as they don’t yet have the knowledge, size, or skills to remain safe outdoors. Most cats in the barn cat program are young adults between one and five years of age, though we may have younger and older cats available occasionally.
Can I look at or select my Barn Cats?
For safety reasons, the barn cats ECCHA have available are not accessible to visitors. When you are scheduled to adopt, ECCHA will select barn cats for you based on which cats are the most eager to enter a cat carrier for us.

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