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Traveling with Pets

Are you going on vacation or taking a trip, and want to take your furry companion? 

Here are some tips to help ensure a safe and less- stressful journey.

First things first: Make sure your pet is microchipped for identification and also wears a collar with a tag that has your name, phone number and any other important informa- tion. It’s a great idea to include a temporary travel tag with your desti- nation phone number as well. 

Traveling by plane: (try to avoid air travel with your pets if possible) 

■ Book a direct flight whenever possible to decrease the chances that your pet is left on the tarmac during extreme weather conditions or mishandled by personnel during a layover. 

■ Prior to your trip, schedule an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian for a health check-up and to obtain a health certificate or form to show that vaccinations are up-to- date. 

■ Purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate which is large enough for your pet to stand, sit, and turn around in comfortably. Line the crate with towels or shredded paper to absorb any accidents. 

■ Make sure the crate is marked with the proper identification and include your name, cell phone num- ber and destination phone number. It’s also a good idea to tape a photo of your pet on the crate in case he or she escapes. Don’t forget to carry a photo of your pet as well. Traveling on the road: 

■ Prepare your pet for a long trip by taking him or her on a few short drives first and gradually lengthen the time spent in the car. 

■ Prepare a pet-friendly travel bag with food, a bowl, leash, waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming sup- plies, medication and rabies vacci- nation record (some states require proof at certain interstate cross- ings) Don’t forget a favorite toy and blanket or pillow that they like! Feed your pet a light meal 3-4 hours before you leave and pack bottled water for the trip. 

■ Make sure your pet’s crate or carrier is large enough for them to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around in. Also keep the carrier secure so it won’t slide or tip over in case of an abrupt stop. 

■ Never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle, as the inside of a car can become too hot causing heat stroke, or in winter months, too cold causing your pet to freeze. Taking family trips are fun and including your furry friends can be a great idea! Take note of these tips, plan, and prepare. This will make your time away from home safe and enjoyable for everyone! Source and more details:

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