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ECCHA Welcomes New Humane Officer Kayla Johnson



April 8, 2024 – The Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Kayla Johnson as our newest Humane Officer. While Kayla steps into this position with fresh enthusiasm, she is no stranger to ECCHA, having been an integral part of the organization for the past six years.

Kayla’s journey with ECCHA has been one of growth, having served in various roles such as animal caretaker, adoption coordinator, and most recently, shelter manager. Throughout her tenure, Kayla has displayed an unwavering commitment to the welfare of animals and has a wealth of experience in shelter operations and animal care.

Having worked closely with ECCHA’s Director of Animal Care for many years, Kayla is well-prepared to transition into her new role as Humane Officer. Her deep understanding of animal behavior, coupled with her hands-on experience in caretaking, makes her a valuable asset to the ECCHA team.

“We are thrilled to transition Kayla into our Humane Officer role,” said Shelley Janke, Executive Director at ECCHA. “Kayla’s background with ECCHA makes her the ideal person in ensuring the well-being of animals within our community.”

Kayla’s role signifies ECCHA’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare and enforcement of humane practices. Her passion for animals and dedication to ECCHA’s mission promise to elevate the Humane Officer role to new heights.

For more information about Kayla’s position and its initiatives, click here.

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The Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) is dedicated to providing compassionate care and shelter to animals in need, promoting responsible pet ownership, and advocating for animal welfare within the community. With a team of passionate individuals and a commitment to excellence, ECCHA strives to create a better future for all animals.

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