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The Purrfect Place to Meet Your New Feline Friend

Mr. Kitty’s Cat Cafe will be the purrfect place to spend your Caturdays drinking a Catpurrcino.


All “kitten” aside, the Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) is excited to be partnering with a new business downtown — Mr. Kitty’s Cat Cafe! 


Upon opening in early 2024, Mr. Kitty’s will be a cat-themed boutique and coffee house with a rotating selection of 10-15 adoptable cats from ECCHA in the dedicated cat lounge.


Located on South Farwell Street in downtown Eau Claire, customers are welcome to dine in, study, relax, and spend time with adorable, adoptable felines from ECCHA. Each cat will undergo a vet check, ensuring they are up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and equipped with a microchip for identification.


This is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with cats and maybe even welcome a new feline friend into your home while contributing to the welfare of cats in our community. To simplify the adoption process, Mr. Kitty’s Cafe will provide an online application onsite. All adoption proceeds will be directly allocated to supporting ECCHA.


“Eau Claire doesn’t have anything like this,” Shelley Janke, ECCHA executive director, said. “We have a lot of great coffee shops and restaurants, but this is the first time that we’ve had a cat café. We definitely see more of our feline friends coming into our shelters than we do any other types of animals. So, this way we will be able to get a good amount of cats out into the café in hopes that they can find their homes.”

To learn about Mr. Kitty’s Cat Café — including employment opportunities — you can visit their website here.


To view our current adoptable cats, click here. 

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