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Buy My Dad’s Vet Clinic | Long-time ECCHA Vet Looks to Retire

“With our exceptional establishment, unwavering support, and promising growth potential, investing [The Ark Animal Hospital] has never been more enticing.”

Dr. Jeff has been a long time supporter of ECCHA, as he bought the business from Dr. Walter Klein, who was one of the veterinarians who founded the shelter and donated the land that the current and future ECCHA will sit on. Dr. Jeff is actively looking for a new vet to take over his family business and still keeps its values at the core.

They say, “When you buy a vet clinic, the foundation of success is crucial. The Ark has built a solid reputation over the years for providing exceptional veterinary care to our beloved community. We have a steadfast clientele base that values our expertise, trustworthiness, and compassionate approach. Acquiring an established clinic means you can start strong—benefiting from a built-in customer base that will ensure a steady flow of patients from day one. These loyal customers will not only ensure a steady revenue stream but also serve as brand advocates, helping you expand your client base further.”

His commmitment to animal welfare at our shelter has been integral to where the organization is today. He makes regular visits to do check ups on our animals, offers free and discounted services like exams and surgeries, and helped spearhead our Capital Campaign for a new shelter.

Dr. Jeff is a prime example of excellence in animal care and we are lucky to call him a friend.

See his amazing video and reasons why you should consider buying The Ark Animal Hospital. 

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