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140 6 Months?!

ECCHA labels the summer months as “kitten season,” which coincides with cats’ natural breeding period. Unaltered cats often stray from their usual homes in search of mates. ECCHA has seen a surge in the number of very young kittens and pregnant mothers this year, including Dakota.

Dakota arrived at ECCHA heavily pregnant, having been discovered as a stray alongside her sister, Delilah. We initially anticipated her giving birth within days – but due to her petite size it turned out we had to wait an additional 2 weeks to welcome her 7 kittens.

To raise awareness about the kitten season, we organized a maternity photo shoot that received widespread appreciation. Delilah, Dakota, and their kittens remained at ECCHA for almost 4 months before finding their forever homes. Dakota‘s kittens were all named after songbirds!

The average cost to care for an animal at the shelter is $20 per day. For just the twins and the kittens, we spent over $21,000 on their care! In total, ECCHA allocates over $150,000 every kitten season on medical needs, supplies, and staff time for kittens and pregnant mamas.

From April to September, ECCHA has cared for more than 140 kittens that were 4 months and under. Many needed special treatments – bottle feedings, extra fluids, medical treatment, and special diets among others.

An unaltered female on average has 6 kittens per litter 2x/year. If all of her kittens went on to have the same statistics, one unaltered female cat would have 11,606,077 descendants in her 9-year average lifespan! While we all agree cats and kittens are adorable, shelters continue to be overcrowded with unwanted litters.

Our annual membership campaign plays a crucial role in supporting not only our adorable kittens but all animals withunique needs. Whether they are homeless, ailing, or injured, ECCHA is dedicated to their well-being. Your membership contribution fuels the resources required for the care of all our beloved animals, encompassing medical treatments,veterinary care, nourishment, medications, cozy blankets, and comforting embraces. Join our cause today by becoming a member or making a donation and make a difference in the lives of all our pets in need!

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Over 65% of our operational budget is from memberships and donations. Consider giving to ECCHA today to help animals like Dakota & her songbirds find forever homes.

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